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At Dandydogz we provide a professional dog grooming service for all breeds. All dogs are left to have a good sniff around while we discuss the service you require so they feel more relaxed. Puppies are welcome as soon as they are fully vaccinated but sometimes just a short visit to start with helps them get used to the regime. Dogs are never caged.

Grooming is important for your dogs health, as it helps prevent coats from becoming matted, which can cause discomfort to the dog. It is also the perfect opportunity for your dog to be checked over to ensure they are healthy.

Without meeting your dog it is very difficult to provide an exact price although we will do our best to provide you with both an estimate of time and cost when you call, by answering a few simple questions. Dog coats vary from breed to breed and we can advise grooming regimes for your individual dog.

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Our services explained

What's included

Bath and Dry

Full Groom

Full brush out
Removal of dead fur

Ear cleaning
Towel/dryer dry

Nail clip
Body clip/scissor
Face fur clip/scissor
Ear clip/scissor
Tail and hygeine clip/scissor
Ear pluck

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Estimated price list

All prices are estimates and depend on your dogs condition, size of the breed and behaviour. There may be extra charges for de-matting.

Anal glands can be expressed upon request at no extra charge with each groom

We also offer a local collection/drop off service for an additional £10

Dog size

Bath and Dry Price

Full Groom

Toy Dogs
Small Dogs
Medium Dogs
Large Dogs
Extra Large Dogs
XXL Dogs

Discounts are given for households with more than one dog being groomed at the same time.

Other Services

Nail Clipping


Face Tidy


Feet Tidy


Ear Clean

From £4

Hygiene / Sanitary Clip


Anal Glands Expressed


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